Capturing the beauty of the natural world in every image.


Simon's dedication and patience in the field is evident in the images he captures. His main goal is to bring that special moment to the viewer and immerse them in that moment in time with his photography.

All images copyright of Simon Wantling


Featured Image

Although perhaps not possible with all cameras, this image demonstrates what can be achieved when using a high ISO to capture image in late or very poor light. An ISO of 12500 was used on the 1DX Mark II. With careful exposure, why not try and push the ISO up on your own camera - you may be surprised by the results.



How i took this shot

This is a question I often get asked, so I thought I would start a regular slot on my blog where I will explain how I went about obtaining a particular image .....  Read More  

A magical morning on mull

For all wildlife photographers, whether the keen amateur or full time professional, a visit to the Isle of Mull should high on the agenda. Situated off the west coast of Scotland.... Read More