My name is Simon Wantling and I am an award winning nature and wildlife photographer based in the UK. The natural world has always been a passion for me and it has always been my ambition from a young age to spend as much time in the outdoors amongst the wildlife I so love to be around. 

When I'm not with my family, I spend all my spare time out in the field photographing the local wildlife. It isn't until you 'get out there' that you discover what wonderful wildlife there is around you.

Some of my images have taken months of work and tireless dedication to capture, but when that moment comes, all the effort is worth it.

My main focus is UK wildlife and in particular I tend to concentrate most my effort on photographing birds. I have a real passion for Owls which always prove a challenge. The Barn Owl has to be my favourite and spending time with these most spectacular birds is something really quite special.

In my time out, I've had the privilege of sitting amongst a family of Badgers which over the months had accepted me into their space, plus photographing a mother and cub Otter family at close quarters on the Isle of Mull. Both experiences are something that will stay with me and I only wish everyone could experience those magical moments.

I hope to bring a sense of these wildlife experiences to the viewer and immerse them in that special moment.

The equipment I use is as follows:

Camera Bodies:

Canon 1DX Mark ii
Canon 7D Mark ii
Canon 5D Mark iii


600mm mkii f/4.0 IS
70 - 200mm mkii f/2.8 IS
17 - 40mm f/4.0
100mm mkii f/2.8 macro

TC - 1.4 III
TC - 2.0 III
Gitzo Tripod and Benro Gimbal Head.

I always photograph in RAW and spend a lot of time in post production to ensure my images are presented at their best. I'm a big fan of Canon's DPP software and also use Lightroom and Photoshop for those final tweaks.