Tawny Owl Night Photography Workshop
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Tawny Owl Night Photography Workshop

Spaces: 1 person per session ( due to being a private site )
Cost: £30
Times: October - December ( Contact me for exact timings and dates )

If like me you have a passion for owls and would like to capture images like the one below, then please sign up to join me for one of my 1 on 1 " Owl Photography " workshops held at a private location in North Bedfordshire. The session will last approximately 3 hours in which I will run through my technique on how I go about capturing my owl images, how I trigger the camera and my lighting setup. I will then help you set your equipment up with the correct camera settings to enable you to do the capture these amazing birds in all their glory.

I'll be running several weekend sessions through October into December so if you can't make the first session, then please contact me to arrange an alternative date.

As with all photography, nothing is ever guaranteed and is largely dependant on the weather, but this is a well worked site so the chances of photography a wild Tawny Owl and at least seeing Barn Owls flying is very high.

Follow the email link at the foot of the page to contact me.

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